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Course Withdrawal

•Application period for course withdrawal in spring semester, 2024: From April 1, 2024 to May 10, 2024.
Please submit your application and complete the application process before the deadline.

• The application period for intensive course withdrawal is between “the first working day after the first class and the last working day before the last class” of the course. Students who plan to withdraw from those courses should submit their applications according to the application period information given in the note column of the courses.
• Please note that the application process should be completed before the deadline, it should include approval signatures of instructor, academic advisor (only for students who apply to withdraw from more than 3 credits), department administrator, and  department chair. If the approval process is not completed before the deadline, it will be deemed that your course withdrawal application is not approved.
For students who wish to apply for course withdrawal, please go to i-Portal/ Academic Information System (Students)/ Course Selection Section/ Application for Course Withdrawal.
• Download Mid-Semester Course Withdrawal System Handbook (For Students) here.
• Download National Taiwan Normal University Student Application for Course Withdrawal Regulations here.
For instructors, academic advisors, department administrators, and department chairs, please go to i-Portal/ Academic Information System / Course Withdrawal System.
• Download Mid-Semester Course Withdrawal System Handbook (For Course Instructors, Academic Advisors, Department Administrators, Department Chairs) here.
Non-NTNU students (refers to students besides NTU and NTUST students here) should apply course withdrawal via Intercollegiate Course Selection Application System.
• Download Mid-Semester Course Withdrawal System Handbook (For Non-NTNU Students) here
Only paper application is available for course enrollment and auditing students applying for course withdrawal, please download the paper application form here.
►Important Notices:
(1) Students who wish to withdraw from a course shall submit an application in the same semester within weeks 7 through 12 as indicated in the official NTNU school calender. The approval process should be completed within the deadline, otherwise it will be deemed that the course withdrawal application is not approved.
(2) A maximum of 3 credits may be withdrawn from per semester, however, in special circumstances and with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and the chair of the student’s department (graduate institute), this restriction shall not apply.
(3) Courses withdrawn from shall remain on the student’s transcript with a “W” noted next to the course name. The student will receive no credit for the course, which shall not count towards the student’s total enrolled credits for the semester.
(4) According to relevant regulations, if students withdraw from a course, any fees (course and miscellaneous fees) paid for the course shall not be refunded and any outstanding fees for the course shall require payment by the student.
(5) Please log in to your Academic Information System (Students) and check your course withdrawal records of the semester in My Course List three working days after the application deadline.