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Self-Directed Learning English (III) Trial Implementation Plan

National Taiwan Normal University Common Core Course
Self-Directed Learning English (III)
Trial Implementation Plan
Passed on May 8, 2020 at the 8th Academic Affairs Committee meeting of the 2019 academic year
1. Purpose
 In order to promote an environment of independent English learning among NTNU’s student body, foster life-long learning skills in students,  and support student learning in accordance with individual study needs and circumstances, this National Taiwan Normal University  Common Core Course Self-Directed Learning English (III) Trial Implementation Plan has been prescribed.

2. Implementation Method
  (1) After students draw up an implementation plan for the course Self-Directed Learning English (III), they shall submit an application to the Common Core Education Committee Foreign Language Education Division (hereinafter referred to as “the Division) within the initial 10 weeks of the first semester. Following review and approval of the plan by the Division, it shall be implemented the following semester. Students who fail to meet the aforementioned deadline will be considered as having abandoned their application. No extensions for applications shall be made available.
  (2) Students whose applications have been approved will have the course Self-Directed Learning English (III) added by the Division to their class schedule ahead of the preliminary course selection period.
  (3) The learning goals and study plans of the period of self-directed learning shall be customized by the student with the guidance, consultation, and advice of a faculty advisor assigned to the student by the Division. After completing their study plan, students shall submit an outline of their learning process and achievement reports for assessment. Students who pass an assessment by their faculty advisor will be awarded two (2) academic credits for the course Self-Directed Learning English (III) for the current semester.

3. The prerequisites for self-directed learning content require a complete overview of learning. The learning motivation, goals, content, implementation methods, expected learning schedule, and expected learning achievements of the period of self-directed learning shall be clearly laid out.

4. Application Requirements
 (1) Eligibility: Students who are exempt from English (I) and English (II) or students who receive a grade of A+ in English (I) and English (II) and whose post-class Lexile test score is 50L higher than their pre-class Lexile test.
 (2) Application Period: Application shall be submitted to the Division within the first 10 weeks of the first semester.
 (3) Application Method: Online application, with any additional required materials to be scanned and submitted online.
 (4) Application Materials: Self-Directed Learning Plan (Attachment 1) and other relevant supplementary materials.

 5. Review Results
 (1) Review Team: The application will be reviewed by a team whose members generally shall be composed of members of the Division’s curriculum committee or coordinators of each level.
 (2) Review Results: Results shall be announced prior to the end of the 15th week of the first semester, with applicants notified by email.

6. Execution Requirements
 (1) Beginning of Semester: Within two weeks following the beginning of the semester, the student and his/her faculty advisor shall settle on a self-directed learning curriculum. The faculty advisor may ask the student to make any necessary alterations to the curriculum.
 (2) Execution Period: The student shall upload a report detailing his/her study experience onto the Moodle platform so that the faculty advisor and student can more easily carry out discussions and consultations regarding the student’s study experiences and insights.
 (3) End of Semester: The student shall be required to pass an assessment test developed by the Division.

7. Assessment
 (1) Students exempt from English (I) and English (II): A score of 1200L on the Lexile test and a public presentation of results.
 (2) Students who score A+ on English (I) and English (II) and the score of their post-class Lexile test is 50L higher than the pre-class Lexile test: An improvement of 200L in the post-class Lexile test during first year of university and a public presentation of results.

8. Abandoning or Suspending Self-Directed Learning
 (1) Students who have abandoned their self-directed learning shall drop the course in the current semester’s add/drop period. If students wish to enroll in other English (III) courses, they shall follow the add/drop regulations when selecting a new course.
 (2) Students who do not abandon the course in the prescribed time period may only suspend the course, with applications for course suspension to follow procedures laid out by this University.

9. Matters not covered in this Trial Implementation Plan shall be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

10. This Trial Implementation Plan shall be publicly announced and implemented following its passage at a meeting of the Academic Affairs Committee.