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For the list of personnel job descriptions and the contact person of each college/department/school, please click on Personnel Job Descriptions.<more>
  For regulations and frequently asked questions on the calculation of professor teaching hours, please refer to the Teaching Hours Q&A section.<more>
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How does the course selection system work for full-time programs? How to select courses? Would you like to inquire about the courses for the current and past semesters for our full time program? Please go to the course inquiry and course selection system webpage.<more>
  Would you like to find out about the course selection schedules for the current semester? What are the principles of course allocation after registering for the courses? Please refer to "Course Selection and Allocation".<more>
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What is the purpose of course surveys? When will the surveys be available each semester and how to fill them out? Please refer to the "Course Survey" webpage.<more>
  What are credit-based programs? How to apply for credit-based programs? How many credit-based programs does NTNU offer? For students interested in applying for credit-based programs, please don't miss the introduction to "credit-based Programs".<more>