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Student registration includes the procedures listed below: 

(1) Payment for Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
If payment for tuition/miscellaneous fees and registration procedures are not completed before the stipulated deadline, the following university academic regulations are to be followed:
Students shall complete all payment and registration procedures prior to the first day (inclusive) of classes. If payment and registration must be delayed for any reason, the student shall apply for a leave of absence whose length shall not exceed two weeks. Students who fulfill enrollment criteria but fail to pay the required tuition, miscellaneous fees, and credit fees, will be deemed as un-enrolled unless a suspension of studies has been applied for before the official commencement of classes, otherwise the admission status of new students shall be rescinded and returning students shall be asked to withdraw from school. "

(2) Online Course Selection
If course selection was completed according to regulations before the course addition/cancellation deadline, or if the number of credits chosen fall short of the department/undergraduate program requirements, the student will be requested to withdraw from school.