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General English Related Forms

General English Related Forms

1. English (I)/(II) Course Transfer Application:
Within two weeks after the semester begins (Spring 2024: before March 1st, 2024), students may apply to the Common Core Education Foreign Language Education Division (FLED) for a course transfer with the consent of the course instructor, depending on their English language level and in-class learning condition. Course transfer is limited to between different grade levels; course transfer across the same grade level is not allowed.

FLED will assign transfers based on class size to ensure the latter is evenly distributed; the division oversees all course transfers and roster changes. Students applying for course transfer should attain the signature of their originally assigned course instructor, then drop their English (I)/(II) course via the online course information system before submitting the application form to the FLED Office to process for course transfer. After completing the above application process, please login to the course information system 2-3 days later to confirm that course transfer has been successfully completed.

Any questions should be directed to FLED at 02-7749-1117 before the end of the drop/add period. Inquiries made after the deadline will not be processed.


2. Course Retake/Make-up Application:
(a) Eligible applicants: Students who are retaking a course, have accidentally dropped a class, undergoing cross transfer, or other special reasons.
(b) Application timeframe: One week prior to the start of the semester and before the add/drop deadline.

Download: English (I)/(II) Retake and Special Reason Application Form

3. National Taiwan Normal University Student Report (for English (II)/(III) Retaking):
(a) Eligible applicants: Fourth year undergraduates who want to enroll concurrently in English (II) and English (III).
(b) Application timeframe: One week prior to the start of the second semester and before the add/drop deadline.

Download:NTNU Student Report