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Overseas Credit Transfer

Guidelines for Students Taking Overseas Study Courses
Article 1 To strengthen international academic cultural exchange and assist students in studying overseas, National Taiwan Normal University (hereinafter referred to as “this University”) has prescribed these Regulations.
Article 2
Restrictions on Overseas Institutions
Students of this University who choose to study overseas shall be limited to schools with which this University has signed an academic cooperative agreement, or cases that have been approved by this University.
Article 3
Application Method
Students planning on studying overseas shall first receive the approval by their department (graduate institute), with the methods, conditions, and quotas of the application process to be prescribed by the selection unit. The qualified list will be reviewed by the relevant selection unit and reported to the principal for approval and announcement
Article 4
Period of Overseas Study
In principle, the study overseas period may not exceed one (1) academic year, with semesters spent overseas to be included in the total years of study. However, there is no limit of the number of overseas summer sessions in which a student may enroll, and these study overseas periods shall not be included in the total years of study. If a student studies overseas during a suspension of studies from this University, the credits earned during that period shall not be eligible for credit transfer
Article 5
Study credit regulations
Prior to the study overseas period, students shall submit a study plan to their respective department (graduate institute) and selection unit. Students approved by this University to study overseas shall enroll in a minimum of two (2) courses or six (6) credits per semester during the study overseas period. Students who fail to meet this requirement shall have the fact noted on their academic transcript; however, this excludes special circumstances which have been approved
Article 6
Application time for credit calculation and grades
After their semester of study overseas, within two (2) months after grades have been sent to this University, students shall present an official transcript and other relevant documents and complete their overseas credit registration or credit transfer application. Fresh graduates shall, at the latest, complete their application for credit transfer in the first week of the beginning of the following semester, otherwise they shall be required to register and select the course. Study overseas grades shall appear on this University’s academic transcripts in the format used by the issuing school. These grades shall not count towards a student’s grade average for the semester or a student’s overall grade average
Article 7
Registration Fee
Students who study overseas shall be required to complete registration procedures both at this University and at the university in which they plan to study overseas. Matters regarding payment of fees shall be handled in accordance with this University’s regulations and the cooperative agreement signed between the two universities
Article 8
Assessment and recognition limits
Courses and credits enrolled in by students during their study overseas shall be reviewed and approved by the respective department (graduate institute) and the Office of Academic Affairs, with credits earned overseas not to exceed 1/3 of the total credits required by the department (graduate institute) for graduation
Article 9
Guidelines for calculation and assessment
For courses taken and passed during a study overseas period, the principles for credit transfer when students return to Taiwan shall be as follows:
1. Credit transfer for professional courses and common core compulsory courses shall be approved by the relevant course offering unit. If the study overseas course is worth more credits than that offered by this University, the number of credits that shall be awarded shall be that of this University. If the study overseas course is worth less credits than that offered by this University, a credit transfer may only occur after it has been confirmed by the relevant review unit with any necessary comments added.
2. Credit transfer applications for free elective credits to be used for graduation shall be reviewed and handled by the Center for General Education or the relevant administrative or academic unit.
3. If the school in which the student studies overseas uses the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), in general, two (2) ECTS shall equal one (1) credit.
4. When necessary, departments (graduate institutes) may notify applicants that they shall require the passing of an exam prior to the awarding of credit transfers.
5. Courses that have been previously enrolled in and passed at this University are not eligible for credit transfer
6. In accordance with Article 9 of The Regulations Governing the Accreditation of Schools in Mainland China, courses taken in the Mainland shall not be eligible for the transfer of pre-service teacher education course credits (including professional education courses and special topics courses).

Article 10
Draft Regulations
For students drafted for military service, in accordance with the Regulations for Exit for Draftees, the Office of Students Affairs shall apply for a review of the student’s case by the Ministry of Education within one (1) month prior to student’s planned departure
Article 11 Matters not covered in these Regulations shall be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations
Article 12 These Regulations, and any ensuing revisions, shall be implemented following its passage at an Academic Affairs Meeting
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