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For the list of personnel job descriptions and the contact person of each college/department/school, please click on Personnel Job Descriptions.<more>
  Students are requested to read through the registry notices of various programs to familiarize themselves with matters involving the start of a semester such as tuition/miscellaneous fee payment methods and course selections.<more>
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Student ID card guidelines for new students, student discount tickets and extension methods, reporting and replacing lost IDs for current students, and invalidating IDs for departing students.<more>
  Application procedure for taking a leave of absence/withdrawing from school, suspension of study time limits for various programs and downloading suspension/withdraw application forms.<more>
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Student credit transfer, Guidelines for Students Taking Overseas Study Courses and download, Application form for Credit Transfer/Calculation for Courses Taken Abroad.<more>

  The new regulations for the 2016 Academic Year! Please click here for more on research ethics and practice teaching.<more 
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Starting in the 2016 academic year, forms have been added to apply for your Graduate Degree Examination. Please click here to read more on related announcements. <more
  Applications for academic status adjustments, major (school) transfers, credit-based program, direct advancement to Ph.D. programs, logging of lifelong learning hours, transcript applications, degree certificate applications.<more>