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Certification of degree


Application Form for a Replacement Degree Certificate
*Apply at the counter

1. Application timeframe: Regular work days (Monday-Friday): 08:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00
2. Application Fee: Replacement of certificates due to misplacement, damages, and changes to personal information will incur a service fee of NT$250/NT$20.
3. How to apply: Please fill in the "National Taiwan Normal University Application Form for Reissuance of Diploma", attach photocopies of the front and back sides of your national ID card as well as the service fee receipt, then go to the NTNU Registry Division/Gongguan Branch Academic Affairs Division.
4. Processing Time: The certificate will be ready for pickup after 3 business days (the day of application is excluded; pickup date is pushed back if there is a weekend or public holiday).
5. Remarks: Please bring your national ID card when collecting your degree certificate; if you cannot collect in person, please fill complete the "National Taiwan Normal University Power of Attorney Release Form"and give it to the authorized person to collect on your behalf (the authorized person must bring his/her national ID card in order to verify their identity).
*Apply Online
1. Please log in to the"Transcript Application Systemto apply online (click to enter the link)
2.  The applicant must provide a photocopy of the back and front sides of his/her national ID card, which must be verified before the application can be approved.
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