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For more information on job responsibilities and contacts for various departments, please click on Personnel Job Descriptions.<more>
  For more information on NTNU undergraduate program registration procedures, registration schedule, tuition/miscellaneous fee payment standards and relevant regulations, please go to the registration system webpage.<more>
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Want to know how to transfer your major, declaring a minor, or apply for double majors? Application timeframe? Relevant regulations? Please go to the webpage for transferring your major, declaring a minor, and taking double major.<more>
  For NTNU undergraduate students applying to return to school, taking a leave of absence, or withdrawing from school, please visit the webpage of the suspension/resumption of studies, withdrawing from school system for more information on application timeframe and refund standards.<more>
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To apply for credit transfers and overseas study grade exchange calculations, or if you want to find out more about the application process and download the applications forms, please go to the credit transfer and overseas study grade exchange calculations webpage.<more>
  To apply for transcripts, proof of enrollment, proof of ranking, degree certificates, credit-based program certificates, please refer to the relevant application system webpages.<more>