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Course Attending / Auditing

Course Enrollment and Auditing of Members of the Public for Spring Semester, 2024 (Courses of in-service Master's Programs)

Application Period:
February 5, 2024 – March 4, 2024
Please note that the university will be closed from February 7 to 15, 2024 for the Chinese New Year holidays. During this time, we will not be processing any applications.


Those applying for course enrollment/auditing shall have a basic proficiency in the course material.
For undergraduate courses: Students shall have a senior high school education at minimum.
For master’s and PhD courses: Students shall have a bachelor’s or master’s degree at minimum.
Where necessary, students shall first pass a department (graduate institute) qualification exam before applying.

Application Procedure:

Complete the 
Application Form➜ Obtain the Instructor’s Signature➜ Approval of the Department Offers the Course➜ Approval of Curriculum Office (Located on the 3rd floor of Administration Building, Main Campus I)➜ Complete Payment to the Cashier Office➜ Submit the Form to the Curriculum Office.


1. Each enrolled/audited course shall require a registration fee of NT$200. Once the course selection procedure has been completed, this fee is non-refundable.
2. Each enrolled/audited course shall require a fee of NT$2000 per credit for undergraduate courses and NT$3000 per credit for full-time master’s and PhD courses. 
Course fees for courses in in-service master’s programs are charged according to 
the credit fee standards of each program. 
No refunds for course fees will be issued except in cases in which the applicant may apply for a refund (without interest) due to being rejected from the course, the course has been canceled, or the course period has been moved and the applicant is therefore unable to continue.

Important Notices:

1. Students may enroll in/audit up to 9 credits every semester (maximum of 9 credits per semester).
2. Please attach the original copies and the photocopies of the student’s ID, passport, and highest academic degree.
3. For course enrolled students, a grade report shall be issued at the end of the semester. Grades and attendance for auditors shall not be recorded and no certificate of study will be issued. 
Please check here to see the grade submission schedule of the semester.
4. The username of
Moodle will be issued to students in e-mails, it should be no later than three days after the application deadline.
5. 5. Please fill out 
NTNU Course Withdrawal Application Form for Enrolled/Audit Students, if students wish to withdraw from courses. The application form should be submitted to the Curriculum Office during the course withdrawal application period, late applications will NOT be processed.

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Course Information System: 
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Application for Course Attending/Auditing
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National Taiwan Normal University Implementation Guidelines for Course Enrollment/Audit by Members of the Public