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Required English courses

Notes for Course Selection

All students not majoring in English must complete General English course requirements, which include 6 required credits that focus on foundational skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), understanding texts in English, and critical writing.

Further details:

  • General English (I), (II) and (III)
  • Retaking a course

  • Waiving a course

Required Credits for General English

Course Title Target Group Available Semester Credit Number Course Content
English (I) All freshmen level undergraduates, course selection based on proficiency Fall semester 2 The required English course for incoming freshmen is divided into five levels: basic, elementary, lower intermediate, higher intermediate, and advanced, depending on the English scores of the incoming student. Classes are comprised of students from different departments and colleges.
English (II) Spring semester 2
English (III) All sophomore or higher levels of undergraduates, course selection based on subject interest Fall or spring semester (Courses are one semester long) 2 The required English courses for sophomores or higher include: Business English, Literature and Culture, English for Education, English for Technology, English for the Arts, English for Sports, English for Science, English for Social Sciences, and Academic English. Students may choose the subject of their interest.

Students enrolled after the 2012-2013 Academic Year must first complete English (I) and English (II) with passing grades to take English (III). In general, English (I) is a prerequisite for English (II) such that a student may not take English (II) without first completing and passing English (I). If a student has a failing grade for English (I) but with a letter grade of D or above, they may apply to take English (II) in the following semester before retaking English (I). Please take special care if pursuing this option.

General English(I)(II)

English (I) and English (II) are offered in the following time slots. Freshman students should not schedule any other courses during the time slots already stipulated by each respective department for general English classes.

Schedule Department
Monday: 1st-2nd period Athletic Performance; Life Science; Earth Sciences; Computer Science and Information Engineering; Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering; Undergraduate Program of Nutrition Science
Monday: 3rd-4th period Mathematics; Physics; Chemistry
Friday: 1st-2nd period Human Development and Family Studies; Civic Education and Leadership; Special Education; Business Administration; Fine Arts; Design; Physical Education and Sport Sciences; Undergraduate Program of Learning Sciences
Friday: 3rd – 4th period Education; Educational Psychology and Counseling; Adult and Continuing Education; Health Promotion and Health Education; General Studies; Music; Technology Application and Human Resource Development
Friday: 6th-7th period Industrial Education; Graphic Arts and Communications, Mechatronic Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Chinese as a Second Language; Undergraduate Program of Vehicle and Energy Engineering
Friday: 8th– 9th period Chinese; History; Geography; Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature; East Asian Studies; Bachelor Degree Program of Performing Arts

General English(III)

General English (III) includes: Business English, Literature and Culture, English for Education, English for Technology, English for the Arts, English for Sports, English for Science, English for Social Sciences, English in the Humanities, and English for Academic Writing and Oral Communications; students may choose accordingly. English (III) is offered during both semesters every year and regularly scheduled, for classes on the Gongguan campus, on Monday 6th-7th period and 8th-9th period as well as Friday 3rd-4th period and 6th-7th period and, for classes on the main campus, Monday 3rd-4th period; Thursday 6th-7th period; and Friday 6th-7th period. For more course information, please consult the course selection system of the Office of Academic Affairs.

Retaking English (I)/(II) 

Students who failed (60 points or lower) English (I)/(II) or have not been assigned to an English (I)/(II) course should complete a special reason application form and submit it to the Foreign Language Education Division of the Common Core Education Committee within the Office of Academic Affairs one week before semester begins and any course selection revision is made to aid subsequent manual addition to the course roster. Students wishing to make up English (II) next semester should not submit the application form during the current semester.