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Credit Transfer

     (Starting from the first semester of the 2021 academic year, both online course credit transfer applications and paper-based review methods will be available.)

    National Taiwan Normal University Explanation on General Course Credit Transfer Applications 

  1. For details on the application process please refer to: Application for Course Credit Transfer SOP.
  2. Prior to applying for a course credit transfer, please review this university’s Student Course Credit Transfer Regulations and other applicable notifications. If your department (graduate institute) or the College of Teacher Education has more stringent regulations, those shall apply.
  3. Applications for a course credit transfer shall be only processed from the week prior to the start of the semester through the first week of the semester. (please check university calendar for precise dates). No applications for course credit transfer shall be accepted after this application period.
  4. Only courses taken and passed ten years or earlier prior to the date the student’s matriculation at NTNU are eligible for credit transfer.
  5. Credit transfers of continuing education courses or distance learning courses may not exceed ½ of total credits required for graduation.
  6. Credit transfers are not available for courses in which the student has already taken and passed while enrolled at NTNU.
  7. Following course credit transfers, the total number of academic credits taken in the semester may not be lower than the minimum threshold stated in the NTNU School Regulations.
  8. After a course credit transfer has been approved, applicants may not apply for changes or cancellations.
  9. If you have further questions regarding course credit transfers, undergraduates should contact the Registry Division at (02)7749-1077; graduate students should contact the Graduate Studies Division at (02)7749-1107.