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Overseas Credit Transfer

Overseas Credit Transfer
  Application period
Students should provide transcripts and other supporting documents to complete their credit registration or credit transfer application within two (2) months of NTNU receiving their grades. Fresh graduates shall submit a credit transfer application within a week from the beginning of the following semester, otherwise they shall be required to register for course selection.
  Application Process
1.  Online Application: Fill in the necessary information on the Overseas Studies Course Records Application System and print out the form.
【How to find the application system】
NTNU Administrative Portal -> Academic Affairs Information System -> Grades -> Overseas Studies Course Records Application System

2.  Paper Application: After uploading your online application, bring the following documents to the department (graduate institute) in charge of the course for review.
Application Form
Approval letter for going abroad or other pre-signed documents
English transcript (original)
Course outline (including number of course hours)

3.  Checking Credit Transfer Progress: After uploading their online application and submitting a paper application, students may check on the progress of their credit transfers.
【How to Check】
NTNU Administrative Portal -> Academic Affairs Information System -> Grades -> Overseas Studies Course Records Application System -> Print Out Review       Results  

1. In principle, a study period may not exceed one (1) academic year, with each semester abroad counting towards this limit.
2. Students approved by NTNU to study abroad shall enroll in at least two (2) courses or six (6) credits. A maximum of three (3) credits per free elective course may be transferred. Students who do not fulfill the necessary terms for their study abroad shall have the fact noted on their transcript.
3. Courses taken as part of a study abroad period should be formal courses offered to exchange students, including professional courses, general courses, P.E courses, service-learning courses, etc.
4.  For study abroad periods in non-English speaking countries, credits for non-formal course (such as those offered through a language center) may be noted on a student’s official NTNU transcript.
5.  For more details, please refer to National Taiwan Normal University Overseas Study Implementation Regulations

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