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Student ID Card Application

Student ID Cards for New Students

1.    NTNU Student ID EasyCard uses information and photo registered in the new student online registration system. If there are any errors in the information provided, or to change your photo, or if the card is damaged, a re-issue fee of NT$150 is required to issue a new card.
2.    If the photo used for online registration is not the specified size, resulting in the inability to produce a student ID card, please submit the correct photo to the Division of Registry, Division of Graduate Studies, or the Division of Academic Affairs of the Gongguan Campus, you will be notified when the card is ready for collection.
3.    The default value set on the Student ID Easy Card is NT$0. You can go to any EasyCard Corporation contracted store and add value to it so that EasyCard functions may be used.
4.    The time period for which student ID cards are available for collection by new students will be announced by the Office of Academic Affairs each academic year.
EasyCard Student Discount Period of Validity
1.    EasyCard student discount period of validity is as follows: for undergraduate and doctoral program students, the validity period is 4 years, for Master's program, the validity period is 2 years. The period of validity runs from the year of enrollment to October of the projected graduation year. If the student is not graduating, please bring the student ID card to the Division of Registry or Division of Academic Affairs service counter of the Gongguan Campus to apply for an extension; each extension period is valid for 1 year.
2.    To extend the validity period, bring the card to the card machine. If the extension was not applied before the validity period ends, student discount will be canceled on the card and the card will revert back to normal rates. Students please take note and apply for extensions promptly.
3.    During the start of each semester, cards that are about to expire can be extended at the same time when registration stickers are collected from service counters.
Reporting and Replacing a Lost Student ID Card
1.    Both loss reporting and replacement of the card are applied online, students must go to the homepage of the NTNU website, enter the NTNU Information Portal and click on the service "Student ID Card Loss Reporting and Replacement System", select "Report a Lost Card" or "Reissue a New Card".
2.    Procedures for applying for a replacement card:
(1)       Students are requested to click on "Reissue Application", the former card will be automatically deemed as lost. Pay the reissue fee (NT$150), the system will show that the "Reissue Status" is now "Processing", meaning that the reissue application is complete. Once the reissue status becomes "Card Complete", the card can be collected (usually on the same day or the following day). The system will email the card collection notification to the student. If a collection notice was not received, please call the Division of Graduate Studies at 02-77341106 or the Division of Registry at 02-77341100. Once the reissue application has been submitted, if the reissue fee is not paid within one month, the system will automatically cancel the reissue application.
(2)       Payment method for reissue fee:
A.         Online credit card payment
B.         eCard service station payment: If the reissue application is first submitted online, then the payment is to be made later at a eCard service station, the system will automatically match the payment serial number; but if the payment was made at the eCard service station, then the reissue application was submitted online afterwards, students are requested to fill in the payment receipt's serial number.
3.    Reporting a Lost Card: Students are requested to click on "Reporting a Lost Card", the system will then send your information to EasyCard for follow-up procedures. Once a card has been reported as lost, the submission cannot be canceled even if the lost card is found later; the card will not work. The entire process takes around 20 business days for the lost card cash value to be refunded to your postal address or bank account. The lost card service charge of NT$20, and registered post for the refund at NT$25 or the wire transfer cost (currently NT$0) will be deducted from the cash value stored on your EasyCard.
4.    For any questions regarding the "Student ID Card Loss Reporting and Replacement System", please contact the Undergraduate Division at (02)77341100, or Graduate Division at (02)77341106. Regarding the report status, please call the EasyCard 24 hour customer hotline at 02-4128880, or digital Student ID Card hotline 02-26529782
Student ID Cards Becoming Invalid after Graduation
1.      Once a student has graduated, the Student ID Card becomes invalid and will be the same as an unregistered EasyCard where normal rates apply; it cannot be reported as lost.
2.      If a graduating student or a student withdrawing from school has lost the student ID card, the student is requested to report the card lost before the degree certificate or proof of study leave can be issued. (Download application form for Affidavit for Departing Students Losing their Student ID Cards)
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