Graduate Studies Division

job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
job title Name TEL Email 負責業務
Division Head Wei-Chieh, Tseng 02-77491086 Overall Operations of the Division of Graduate Studies
Senior Administrator Ching-Hsuan, Huang 02-77491087 1.Department of Chinese as a Second Language/ Department of East Asian Studies (Graduate Institute of Political Science)/ Institute of Mass Communication/ Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development/ Graduate Institute of Social Work/ Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism
2.Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
3.Draft Graduate Student Handbook
4.Integrated services
Administrative Assistant Shao-Ting, Yu 02-77491101 1.Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling/ Department of Adult and Continuing Education/ Department of Health Promotion and Health Education/ Graduate Institute of Information and Computer EducationGraduate Institute of Library and Information Studies/ Continuing Education Program of Creativity Development
2.Student ID card-related affairs
3.Asset management and general affairs
4.Budgeting for continuing education courses
5.Lifelong learning hours
6.Managing part-time student assistants
Administrative Assistant Yu-Chih, Chiu 02-77491099 1.Department of Education/ Department of Human Development and Family Studies/ Department of Civic Education and Leadership/ Department of Special Education/ Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling/ Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Administration/ Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction/  Continuing Education Master's Program of Addiction Prevention and Treatment
2.New Student Arrival
3.Affairs related to direct admissions into PhD programs
4.Draft student registration notices
5.Affairs related to Pre-Master’s studies
6.NSTC Doctoral Student Excellence Scholarship
Senior Staff Yu-Shan, CHANG 02-77491085 1.College of Arts、College of Management
2.Master's program admission exams
3.Doctoral's program admission exams
4.Affairs related to state-financed students
5.Degree programs taught in English
Administrative Assistant Tze-Yin, Liang 02-77491106 1.College of Libral Arts  
2.Academic system management (assist with academic status data verification and consolidation)
3.Filing documents and keeping track of statistics related to the suspension/resumption of study, and withdrawing from school
4.Inter-disciplinary programs related affairs
Administrative Assistant Chian-Wen, Lin 02-77491076 1.College of Sports and Recreation/ Department of Music
2.Graduation procedures
3.Academic Ethics and Integrity Education affairs
4.Continuing education courses entrance exam-related affairs
Senior Staff Wei-Syuan, Chien 02-77491082 1.Department of Industrial Education/ Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development/ Department of Graphic Arts and Communications/ Department of Mechatronic Engineering/ Department of Electrical Engineering/ Graduate Institue of Ethnomusicology/ Graduate Institue of Performing Arts
2.Grade management (include data capturing, digitalization of past files, and section planning)
3.Credit transfer-related affairs
4.Joint dual-degree related affairs