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Waiving General English Requirements

Waiving General English Requirements

To waive general English courses, the student must have met the following qualifications or had already earned credits in alternative classes as determined by FLED. Waiving a general English course will reduce the number of credits needed for graduation. Please see below for more details.

Currently enrolled third year (or below) undergraduates who meet NTNU's standards for general English exemption (please see appendix) should apply to the relevant office with documentation of language assessment taken within three years. They should do so one week prior to and following the start of the semester; the application is invalid outside of that timeframe. Starting in the 2020-2021 Academic Year, first year to third year students may apply during the above timeframe. Fourth year undergraduates may apply on a rolling basis during the semester.

Course waiver applicants should refer to the following "English Course Enrollment Guidelines" and provide (1) a printout of the online application form, (2) the original grade transcript and (3) one hard copy of the transcript to the Common Core Education Foreign Language Education Division Office (Location: Center for General Education, Administrative Building 2F, Main Campus).

  • How to apply
    【Application process】 Begin the application process from the administrative system iportal > course information system > course waiver application system. Upon completing the application, please print out the application form and attach the original transcript and one hard copy of said transcript, then submit the above documents to FLED for review.

  • Application timeframe:9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm from February 5~February 26, 2024 for Spring Semester.

  • Result inquiry【Inquiry process】 Administrative system iportal > Course information system > Course waiver application system> grade details >Grade inquiry > Advanced placement and waived credits.