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Incoming Exchange Students


Important Matters
(1)Please note the relative information or restricted conditions (e.g. constraint of prerequisite courses) and maximum number of the course which you want to take. If the maximum number of the course have been reached, or the restricted conditions are not fitted, you can’t register the course on the course selection system.
(2)You can go to class on the first week and ask the class instructor giving you authorized code (except NTU system Courses). After getting authorized code, then you can login to the class selection system to add the course by the code during the Online Course Add period.
(3) Beware that you cannot drop the course which added by authorized code, so please think twice before you add the course by the authorized code.
(4)If you want to select NTU system courses, but the restricted conditions are not fitted, you can download “Unblock Course Request Form” and (1) obtain signature from the class instructor, (2) submit the form to the Division of Curriculum as soon as possible. If the course did not reach the maximum number in the end of the Add/ Drop Courses period, we will add the course for students in the order of time we received .

Brief introduction to the course inquiry and course selection system