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Guidelines for Suspension


  ■ Students who finish the application process before the start of the semester (including the first day) are exempt from paying tuition and fees. Students who finish applying after the first day are required to first pay tuition, and then apply for a refund.

² The maximum of the accumulated suspension is two academic years.

² According to school regulations, leave due to military service, pregnancy, childbirth, or infant care (children under 3 years old) does not count towards the limit (students must submit valid documentation to the correct departments); illness (requires a certificate of diagnosis from a National Health Insurance Bureau-certified special regional hospital) or special incidents, subject to school approval, can be used to extend a leave for up to 2 more academic years. 
² Compulsory Suspension

1.If the number of days absent from class exceeds a third of the total number of class hours for the semester, calculated from the course start date.
2.If course selection was not completed according to regulations before the course addition/cancellation deadline, or if the number of credits chosen fall short of the department/graduate institute/undergraduate program requirements.