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Instructions for Faculty Grading System

Online Grading: Please login to 
NTNU i-Portal, then submit grades on the Academic Information Systems for the Faculty Members of various academic programs

Regulations related to grades

 School Regulations

•Articles 36-42(Undergraduate Programs)
•Articles 69-75(Master’s and PhD Programs)
•Articles 97-103(Continuing Education Master's Programs)

 Student Grading Guidelines

Forms related to grades (Do not use authorization seals on the form)

 Postponement of Grade Submission for Current Semester Application Form
 Grade Correction Application Form

User Guide for Online Grading

 General Degree Program
 Continuing Education Program and EMBA

Submitting grades to relevant divisions:

  1. Please submit undergraduate grades to the "Registrar’s Office".
  2. Postgraduate (including master of continuing education program) grades are to be submitted to the "Graduate Studies".
  3. Grades from various departments and graduate institutes of Gongguan campus are to be submitted to the "Academic Affairs, Gongguan Campus".
Grade Submission Schedule for Spring Semester 2024
Start date of submitting grades 08:00 on June 3, 2024 (Monday)
Deadline of submitting grades 23:59 on June 24, 2024 (Monday)
Date of announcing grade ranking
September 13, 2024 (Friday)

  1.  Please login to NTNU i-PortalEducational administration related system Academic Information System for Faculty Information about Grading/Marking Inputting Your Grades, then submit student grades for various subjects.
  2. For NTNU M.A and Ph.D. students, if their grades for the M.A or Ph.D. courses have not been confirmed during the submission period, you can temporarily enter "(I) Not Yet Complete" in the Academic Information System before the grade submission deadline. Before the grade submission deadline of next semester (January 6, 2025), grades must be submitted in writing to the "Graduate Studies Office" or the "Academic Affairs, Gongguan Campus".
  3. If the submission deadline is missed, the final grade for that particular course will be recorded as "(I) Not Yet Complete" permanently, which the credits are to be included in the overall credits, and the grade will be scored as "X".

Postponement of Grade Submission under Special Circumstances
  1. If you are unable to submit grades before the deadline due to special circumstances (referring to circumstances beyond the responsibilities of the teacher or circumstances beyond control; application for extension is not permitted for reasons such as the teacher traveling overseas, being extremely busy, having a large number of students /assignments, or students not submitting assignments), before June 24, 2024 (Monday), complete and submit the "Postponement of Grade Submission for Current Semester Application Form" which must be authorized by the course organizing department (graduate institute), the college dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the submission extension to be valid.
  2. The extension deadline is before 17:00 on July 5, 2024 (Friday), please submit the grades in writing to the Registrar’s Office, Graduate Studies Office , or the Academic Affairs, Gongguan Campus.

Grade Correction
If you need to correct grades, the procedures are as follows:
  1. If obvious clerical or calculation errors are found in the inputting of a grade and proof is submitted in the form of related documentation such as original test papers or an original certificate of score registration, with the submission of the "Grade Correction Application Form" and following the approval of the academic or administrative unit that opened the course, as well as the Office of Academic Affairs, the grade may be corrected.
  2.  In situations other than those described in the preceding Paragraph, you shall attach the relevant test papers or an original certificate of score registration and fill out the "Grade Correction Application Form" all of which shall be submitted to the supervisor of the academic or administrative unit that opened the course. The supervisor shall call a meeting of the department (graduate institute/degree program) academic affairs committee. After its deliberation, the materials shall be sent to be approved by the Vice President, after which the grade may be corrected. If grade correction involves special circumstances such as withdrawal from school, if necessary, the material may be sent directly to the Academic Affairs Meeting for deliberation and approval, after which the grades may be corrected.
  3. Grade Correction should be completed before 17:00 on September 12, 2024 (Thursday).