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Grades and Transcripts

Important Announcement  
Cancellation of the transcripts postal mail service
For undergraduate students: starting from Spring Semester 2023
For graduate students: starting from Spring Semester 2022

Students can log into the NTNU i-Portal system to check their grades (including credits earned and GPA). If you need an official transcript, please use E-card Kiosks or log in to the "Transcript Application System (Chinese or English version)" to apply.

♦Online grade query process:

Log into NTNU i-Portal → Educational administration related system → Academic Information System for Students → Integrated Transcript Information System → Grades and Ranking.
NTNU i-Portal

Transcript Application System:

Regulations related to grades
School Regulations
  • Articles 36-42(Undergraduate Programs)
  • Articles 69-75(Master’s and PhD Programs)
  • Articles 97-103(Continuing Education Master's Programs)
Student Grading Guidelines
NTNU Transcript Guide

Grade Submission Schedule for Spring Semester 2024
Start date of submitting grades 08:00 on June 3, 2023 (Monday)
Deadline of submitting grades 23:59 on June 24, 2024 (Monday)
Date of announcing grade ranking
September 13, 2024 (Friday)