Topic 4:Teaching Awards

  • What are the Teaching Awards?

    There are two kinds of annual teaching awards, the “Awards of Distinction in Teaching (DIT)” and the “Awards of Excellence in Teaching (EIT).”Winners of the EIT are publicly announced. The EIT includes a prize of NTD$30,000, while the DIT is a prize of NTD$100,000. In addition, teaching awards are regarded as one of the claim credits in NTNU Teacher Promotion Criteria. For more details, please refer to the NTNU Research and Development website, and download the relevant documents at [planning team] -> [regulations].

  • Where can teachers apply?

    Teachers can apply to their departments (Overseas Education Center teachers can apply to the Overseas Education Department). Lecturers who have taught professional education courses and General Education courses in the past two semesters can also apply to the Teachers Education and Employment Service Office or the Academic Affairs General Education Office.

  • What are the evaluation standards of teaching awards?

    The evaluation standards of teaching awards include: "student course evaluation", "student learning outcomes", "educational contributions" (for each class, the number of units is multiplied by number of students, and summed up in total), "teaching improvements and innovations", "educational textbooks, materials, media, and developments", "digital teaching platform use and development", and "other major educational contributions". Please note that applications for the DIT should provide related teaching materials used in the past year, and applications for the EIT should provide related teaching materials used in the past three years.

  • How does the selection process for the teaching awards work?

    The selection process includes recommendations from the different departments and campuses (overseas department, offices, centers), followed by selections from the elective committee and decided by an elective committee.