Topic 1:Attendance Regulations

  • How do I apply for transfer credits?

    Please refer to

  • How do I apply for English exemptions?

    Please refer to

  • How do I apply for general education exemptions?

    Please refer to [NTNU General Education exemption requirements and application].

  • I’ve applied for transfer credits/course exemptions; should I still register for those courses online?

    Once your application for credits/ exemptions is successful, please do not add those courses online. If you have already added, please remember to drop the classes before the end of the school-wide add/drop period.

  • What are the related regulations about PE courses taking?

    (1)   Please refer to
    (2)   Students who need to make up or retake PE courses due to failing courses can enroll courses online for two courses in the next semester or the 4th year ( the maximum number of PE courses one student can take is two per semester, and the courses must cover different types of sports. During the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester, students need to add the second PE course, as the PE distribution system during pre-school enrollment periods only one PE class will be added.)
    Notice: If due to withdrawal or a missed semester (withdrawal during the midterm week), the fourth year students can directly add the PE course during the add/drop period through the online course registration system.
    (3)   After completing six credits of PE courses, the system will not allow registration of additional PE courses.
    (4)   Department of Physical Education courses cannot be used to exempt the general education PE class.
    (5)   If you have not taken the general PE class and want to enroll in the intermediate PE course, please show the related certificates from your department and the teacher who teaches that class at the beginning of the semester. We will provide you an authorization code to enroll the class.
    (6)   Typically only the fourth year (and above) students will get an authorization code from the teacher when they select PE courses.

  • What are the requirements for General Education (GE) courses?

    Please refer to