Topic 1:General English Courses

  • What are the General English courses?

    The General English courses consist of General English I, General English II and General English III. These are required courses for all undergraduates, except for students majoring in English and those who have received an exemption. Please refer to the following website for further information:

  • How does one register for a General English course?

    General English I & II:
    Students cannot register for these courses by themselves. According to their English score on the university entrance examination, students will be assigned to one of four levels: elementary, intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced. Students from different departments and colleges will be grouped together.

         General English III:
    This one-semester course is required for all students in their sophomore year. However, unlike General English I and II, students can choose the course on course registration system themselves.


  • How can a freshman student taking General English I apply to change to a different class?

    1. Subjects: Freshman students who would like to change to a different class in Fall semester.
    2. Procedure:
    Download and fill out the form from the website of Common Core Education Committee→ Get the original teacher’s signature →drop the course→ Submit the completed form to the Common Core Education Committee→ Check the course registration system to confirm the result
    3. Application deadline: the end of the add/ drop period.

  • Are there any restrictions on taking General English courses?

    In general, students from the Department of English cannot take General English courses. In addition, students should take General English courses (three levels) in sequence.