Topic 1:Capstone Course

  • Why do we subsidize the Capstone Course?

    Through encouraging faculties to examine the course structure and evaluate student learning outcomes, we hope to enhance the teaching quality; therefore, NTNU provides Capstone Courses to faculty members.

  • Who can receive Capstone Course Subsidize?

    The Capstone Course is targeted at faculties. The Chair of Department will have to organize and submit the application, while the lecturer will take charge in the course outline and teaching.

  • when is the application period of Capstone Course?

    applications are accepted at the end of March or October every year.

  • How to calculate the total teaching hours and how does it work?

    The faculty can assign one or two teachers to teach. There are two teaching ways for courses which instruct by two and more professors:
    1.  Co-lecturing: when two instructors teach in the same class at the same time, according to the guidelines detailing courses funding, the two teachers can enjoy same teaching hours.
    2.  Collaborate: The total lecturing time will be verified by the hour, and the number of instructors can be two or more.
    For more information, please see the guidelines detailing basic teaching hours.

  • Is the Capstone Course compulsory?

    Accordingly, to examine the course structure and evaluate student learning outcomes, the Capstone Course can be taken as an elective or compulsory.

  • What are the budget categories of the Capstone Course?

    The categories include workshop costs, part-time fee, overtime meal allowance, domestic travel reimbursement, printing fee, payment for article or book was written and other fees.
    Notice: the budgets of the categories do not include personnel expenses and equipment expenses.
    When you make budgets plan and there are some budgets for contest awards, please detailed explain how you distribute the awards. After completing the application form, please submit to our center for approval.
    Notice: Besides necessary awards and gifts for foreigner guests, when applicants apply for the budgets, they cannot list souvenirs, gifts in their budget plan.