Topic 5:Student ID

  • My student ID card was lost (or destroyed), how do I apply for a replacement or register a loss?

    1.The application service only provides to current students; graduates and dropouts may not apply.
    2.Student ID applications and loss reports may submit online:
    Students should sign into the school administration portal, click on [information services], choose [replacement] or [report for loss], and then utilize a “Campus E-Card Kiosk” to pay a replacement fee of NTD$150. Upon doing so, students are required to enter their application payment number, which will be printed on the receipt. Students will receive the notice, which sends from the system, once they can receive their new student ID card from the Registry Division that they applied for a replacement.  
    (1)   After applying for a replacement, previous student ID cards will be invalidated automatically. Once student ID cards are reported to be lost, you cannot cancel the report for loss procedure. Even if you find your previous student ID cards later, the previous student ID cards will still be invalid. Around twenty days after reporting for loss procedure, the Easycard Corporation will send the amount of remaining value in your previous Easycard to your bank account or your home. The report for loss of student ID fee (NTD$20) and postal fee (NTD$25) will be charged from your Easycards.
    (2)   If there is any problem involving stolen student ID security door access on campus, please contact the campus security office (7749-3148).
  • My student ID Easycard discount is invalid, how do I prolong the discount service?

    1)  The student ID Easycards, that are purchase from Easycard Corporation, have a default setting to all the student ID cards. The discount service is four years for undergraduate and Ph.D. students and two years for graduate students.  All the cards will invalid in the end of October of the last valid year. If students have not graduated yet, students should take their student ID cards to the service counter in Registry Division or Joint Services Office of Gongguan Campus to prolonging the discount service for one year.
    2) When students prolong the discount service of their cards, they should take their cards to the machine to prolong the discount service of their cards. If students do not prolong the discount service of their student ID cards after invalid, the discount service of the cards will be canceled: the discount of public transportation will turn to the regular rate.
    (3) Starting from the 2017 academic year, student ID cards do not need registration stickers. If students’ student ID cards are going to expire, they can take their card to the service counter to apply for prolonging the discount service of their cards.