Topic 1: Major Change, Double Major, Minors, Certificates of Course Completion, Direct PhD

  • How do I change my major?

    1)   Students can find the major change application period in the academic calendar, and should apply to the desired department in a timely manner.
    2)   Please see [National Taiwan Normal University Student Major Change Process (Full-Time Students)]
    3)   Major changes are not available for continuing education program students.

  • How many minors can I have?

    Students can have up to two minors for a final enrollment.

  • Can I count credits from my double major or minor as part of my free electives requirement?

    Yes, you can count the completed credits toward the free electives requirement.

  • How should I apply for a certificate of credit program after completing the required credits?

    1) Please download the “Course Certificate Application,” and submit it to the Academic Counseling Office for qualification review. Once you pass the review, the certificate will be issued from the Office of Academic Affairs.
    2) Your first certificate of credit program (Chinese-English version) is for free. Replacements for any reason (lost, damaged, due to personal information changes, etc.) will charge NTD$100.

  • How do I apply for a doctoral program without a master’s degree (direct admission into Ph.D. programs)?

     It depends on the general regulations of each semester whether each department has the program or not. To the application dates, please see the Academic Calendar.

  • How many people are admitted for direct admission into Ph.D. programs?

    The number of applicants:  the applicants of direct admission Ph.D. programs shall not exceed 40% of all applicants of our Ph.D. programs. If the applicants of the Ph.D. program are less than five, the maximum of direct admission Ph.D. programs’ applicants should be two.
    The above numbers shall be included in the total admission quota approved by the Ministry of Education for that year.