Topic 3: Class Rankings, Intellectual Achievement Award (Academic Achievement Award)

  • How should I apply for my department, group, or class rankings?

    1)Due to the huge differences in graduate coursework, we could only provide the service for undergraduates.
    2)   The undergraduate ranking certificate will show their department, class, or group rankings (the certificate will not show class or group rankings if the department has no additional class or group division).

  • May I apply for a class ranking certificate once my grades all have been approved?

    No, because class rankings results are related to grades of other students which might not have been posted yet. You can check your class rankings via the online student inquiry system, or print out your class ranking certificate from the “campus e-card kiosks” two weeks after the beginning of the semester.

  • Will my ranking appear on my transcript?

    No, you need to apply for the transcripts and ranking certificates separately.

  • What is the differential between the semester ranking and cumulative ranking? Which one should I apply for?

    1)NTNU’s semester rankings are based on students’ GPA scores for a single semester from the first place to the last place. (Eg. School Year 101, 1st Academic Semester rankings are based on students, who exceed nine credits at that semester and rank with their classmates of the same department.)
    2)Cumulative rankings cover all students enrolled in an academic year, ranking students’ GPAs in descending order. (Eg. The School Year 100 cumulative rankings take all the students enrolled from the 100 school year to right before the start of 101 school year, and ranks them according to their all GPA and ranking).
    3) Due to the difference in definitions and calculation rules, each student’s “semester ranking” and “cumulative ranking” will be slightly different from each other. The Registry Division has already double checked the rankings of student academic performance before their announcement (two weeks after the beginning of the semester). We recommend that students should consider the goal of their application and apply for the one which can meet their needs.

  • How should I apply for the Intellectual Achievement Award (Academic Achievement Award)?

    According to the Five Ways of Life (wu yu) Achievement Award (2017), the Intellectual Achievement Award (Academic Achievement Award) is awarded from Division of Student Assistance of Office of Student Affairs by the end of October (Fall Semester) and the end of March (Spring Semester). Students do not need to apply in person.