Topic 3:Teaching Innovation and Professional Association Subsidy

  • Who is eligible for grants, and when is the application period?

    NTNU teaching faculty can apply for the program as an individual or as a professional community. Three teaching faculties can group a professional community. One of teachers in the community should be the leader of the community and he/she should be in charge of projects planning, contact person, outcome reporting. Application forms are accepted once per semester.

  • What information do I need to provide if I want to apply for the program?

    1.Application documents should include:
    The detailed information of the project, the name of the project, the perspective, the approach of the project, the progress of the project, budgets and the evaluation of beneficial possibility for students.
    2. If applicants have already applied for the grants before, they should attach an outcome report of the previous project when they apply the new projects.

  • What am I required to submit upon project completion?

    In addition to the project outcome report, recipients are required to participate in the center’s annual “Six Arts Lectures (Liuyi) ─Outcome Presentation”or other related activities.