Topic 4: Transcripts, Student Status Certificates, and Student Status Changes

  • How do I apply for a Chinese/English transcript?

    For more information, please see [Chinese/English Transcript Application] (link)

  • How do I apply for a certificate of enrollment?

    (1)   Applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:
    (2)   This service is only provided to current students. Students on leave, withdraw, or graduated may not apply.
    (3)   Current students should complete the registration and tuition payment procedures in the beginning of the semester.
    Please apply by the following instructions.
    (1) Bring your original and photocopy of student ID card to Division of Registry or the Joint Services Office of Gongguan Campus for registration proof stamping.
    (2) Use your mobile phone to login NTNU i-portal APP to download “Student Status Certificate”.
    (3) You may login the Academic Information System (Student Version) to print out “Student Status Certificate”.
    (4) Use the “Campus E-Card Kiosks” to print out certificate of enrollment (NTD$10).
     (5)The certificate of enrollment will not be issued during the winter break and summer vacation.

  • I need a transcript or other school certificate, but am unable to apply in person. How can I apply?

    Please visit the “Online Transcript Application system,” enter your student ID and password (the default is your ID number), and follow the instructions. Your application is not considered complete until payment is completed.

  • Where are “Campus E-card Kiosks” located? What are their operating hours?

    1.  NTNU provides five “Campus E-card Kiosks” (four on the main campus, one on Gongguan campus). The machines are located on the first floor of the office of Academic Affairs near the service counter (Division of registry corridor), the main library, the first floor of Men’s Drom 1. The E-card Kiosk is located on the first floor of the General Hall on the Gongguan campus. Students can use the E-card Kiosks on the main campus and Gongguan campus to apply for academic-related certificates (some certificates require additional verifications or documentation and may not be collected immediately); Currently, E-card Kiosks located at the Main library and Men’s Dorm 1 can only provide transcripts printing and pay for replacement of student ID service.
    2. Campus “E-Card Kiosks” operating hours:
    3. Main Campus Registry Division (two kiosks): Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm; 10 am to 2 pm when continuing education courses are in progress. The available hours during summer break will be announced after arrangement.
    4. The entrance of the General Hall on Gongguan Campus (1 kiosk): Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5 pm.
    5. The Main Library (1 kiosk): available during library operating hours.
    The first floor of Men’s Dorm 1 (1 kiosk): open for 24 hours, but it can only print Chinese-English transcripts (Some graduates will need to apply transcripts during working hours at the first-floor service counter of the main campus).

  • How do I change my personal student information, such as my name or date of birth?

    1.Please download and fill out a “Change of Name and Date of Birth application,” attaching either: an original household certificate, a photocopy of your “ID card,” or “original diploma” (for graduates), and send your application form to the Office of Academic Affairs office as well as your department (main campus registrar, graduate affairs office, or Joint Services Office of Gongguan Campus).
    For contact information of the office of academic affairs, please see the academic affairs website.

  • How do I change my contact information, such as phone number or address?

    1.Students can login the Academic Information System (Student Edition) to self-edit contact information, or visit the service counter in the Office of Academic Affairs on the first floor of the administrative building (or Joint Services Office of Gongguan Campus), and fill out an  “Address or Telephone Change Request Form.”
    All NTNU academic information or announcements (including important notices for individual students) will be sent to each student to their NTNU email address.  If students choose to use another email address to receive emails, please be sure to set email forwarding correctly on the school email system to avoid missing important NTNU announcements or instructor/staff correspondence.