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Undergraduate Students

112-2 Graduate Student - School Leaving Procedure

 After completing all the graduation procedures, graduates are able to pick up their certificate.
* Some Apps and permissions on campus will be closed.*

1】 Log in to 
Online School-leaving Procedures (Click Link)
  1. The portal is  opened on June 3, 2024 (Mon). Graduates are required to log on using their account password.  ( Student number please type in capital letters, e.g. 40900000E)
  2. From 1 August 2024, please use "Account Number: Student ID; Password: ID Card Number/Resident Certificate Number" to log in.
【2】Confirm all the procedures have been done
  1. Registrar’s Officeall grades and Overseas Credit Transfer Application have been submitted.
  2. Office of General Affairsreturn the graduation gown; pay off all tuition and miscellaneous fees.
  3. Libraryreturn all books and Payment of fines (including books from NTU and NTUST)
  4. Curriculum Divisioncompletion of Course Opinion Survey
  5. Center of Public Affairscomplete NTNU Alumni Database Registration
  6. School of Teacher Educationteacher education students should check their Credits of Professional Education Programs for accreditation
  7. Office of International Affairsoverseas Compatriot Students and international students should complete the international student database
【3】Pick up Certificate with 4K Student ID card 
  1. Easycard Student discount is until 113.11.1.
  2. If your student card is lost, please log on to NTNU Information Portal/Information Service/Student ID Card Loss Reporting and Replacement System/Report a Lost Card (Report Reason: graduate, do not click Reissue a New Card).
  3. After 113.8.1, graduates are unable to log in to NTNU Portal. Please complete the Affidavit for Losing the Student ID Card form.
  4. If you are unable to collect the certificate in person, please report a lost of your student ID card. You should also fill in the Attorney Release Form and authorize friends or relatives to collect on your behalf.  The entrusted person will collect on your behalf with his/her own ID card, the entrusted person's student ID card, and the entrustment form filled in by both parties.
  5. Starting from academic year 2021,a Digital Diploma will be issued to graduates who have already completed the graduation procedures.
 Certificate Pick up Time & Location
Time Location Department
From June 3, 2024 (Mon)
Office hours: 8:30~12:00
13:30~17:00 Monday~Friday
Gongguan Branch Academic Affairs Division
College of Science, Department of Athletic Performance, Undergraduate Program of Electro-Optical Engineering
Registrar’s Office
Other Departments

※  No Service during
 Summer break and Advanced Subjects Test (AST)July 12-13, 2024
※  If the collection time is changed, Announcements will also be made on the Academic Affairs Office homepage/news and in the Graduation Zone.