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Tuition & Miscellaneous Charges

*For every semester's tuition and miscellaneous fees, school credit payment form, and proof of payment, please click on the"Print Payment Forms and Receipt Inquiry System"  below, log in, and print out the "Payment Form" for submission. "Proof of Payment" will be available for print out three working days after the payment has been made.

  • For issues related to operating procedures and payments, please download the information from the public notice section of the Cashier Division's website, or call the Cashier Division at 02-7749-1343 (full-time programs) or 02-7749-1346 (continuing education courses).
  • For issues related to account log-in and password, please contact the Information Center help desk at 02-7749-3737.
  • For issues related to the printing payment forms and proof of payment, please contact CTBC Bank's customer service hotline at 0800-017-688.