Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Division HeadMs. Yu-Ying Cheng02-77491112EmailOverall leadership and supervision of the Curriculum Office

1. Mr. Ming-Yen Chou /2. Ms. Chia-Hui Lin
Senior StaffMs. Wen-Ling Lee02-77491181Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Arts, Music.
2.Mid-term and End-of-semester course evaluation survey.
3.Assistance in services regarding to entrance examination test grading for overseas Chinese students.
4.Course Committee Meeting.
5.Compilation of meeting materials.

1. Ms. Chia-Hui Lin /2. Ms. Erh-Shuan Wang
Senior StaffMs. Chia-Hui Lin02-77491108Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Management, service-learning, national defense courses.
2.Faculty member teaching hours, faculty member part-time lecturing outside the University.
3.Faculty member rights and interests.
4.Course withdrawal.

1. Ms. Erh-Shuan Wang /2. Mr. Ming-Yen Chou
Associate Administrative SecretaryMr. Ming-Yen Chou02-77491180Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of International Studies and Social Science.
2.Curriculum system management and coordination.
3.Course structure system planning.
4.Curriculum mapping system planning.
5.Comprehensive affairs.

1. Ms. Yu-Ting Chen /2. Ms. Ke-Hsin Huang
Administrative AssistantMs. Erh-Shuan Wang02-77491115Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Technology and Engineering, common core Chinese, English.
2.Curriculum measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3.Overall management of classroom arranging.
4.Members of the public course enrollment and auditing.

1. Mr. Ming-Yen Chou /2. Ms. Yu-Ting Chen
Administrative AssistantMs. Yu-Ting Chen02-77491186Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Science.
2.NTU System Affairs.
3.Office website maintenance.
4.Interdisciplinary learning.
5.Summer session course selection.

1. Ms. Ke-Hsin Huang /2. Ms. Jia-Siou Liang
Administrative AssistantMs. Ke-Hsin Huang02-77491182Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Liberal Arts.
2.Overall course selection affairs, including Course Selection System settings, allocation, and verification.
3.Curriculum database maintenance for Ministry of Education database systems.
4.Assistance in services regarding to Advanced Subjects Test (AST).
5.Intellectual property rights.

1. Ms. Jia-Siou Liang /2. Ms. Li-Wen Hou
Administrative AssistantMs. Jia-Siou Liang02-77491200Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Sports & Recreation, general physical education, general education, common core computational thinking and programming education courses.
2.Academic calendar editing, including information of office hours, class suspensions.
3.Remedial classes, course overload, insufficient number of credits.
4. Instructors leave and attendance management.
5.Course syllabus system management.

1. Ms. Li-Wen Hou /2. Ms. Wen-Ling Lee
Administrative AssistantMs. Li-Wen Hou02-77491109Email1.Curriculum affairs for College of Education, Teacher Education Program courses.
2.Non-degree programs.
3.Course cancellation or course approved to run despite low enrollment.
4.Intercollegiate course selection, including online payment management.
5.Office property management and general affairs.

1. Ms. Wen-Ling Lee /2. Ms. Chia-Hui Lin
Project AssistantMs. Yun-Ya Jheng02-77491194EmailEMI (English as a Medium of Instruction) course affairs.

Deputy:Ms. Erh-Shuan Wang
ClerkMs. Chin-Ying Liao02-77491183Email1. Official document distribution, receiving and delivery
2. Other duties as assigned.
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