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Adjustments to COVID-19 Instruction Measures(20211102)

Unit:課務組 ╱ 公告類別:AnnouncementPost date:2021-11-02
  In accordance with amendments of Ministry of Education’s “2021 Academic Year Universities and Colleges Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens Prevention and Management Guidelines”, NTNU’s COVID-19 measures are adjusted as follows:

I.            Resumption of in-person instruction for all courses with 80 or more students: In-person instruction will resume for all courses. Online instruction may continue until November 16 if needed. However, all courses must return to classrooms from November 17 (Week 9) onward.

II.         Mask-wearing will be optional for instructors during classes if social distancing can be maintained. Instructors are still required to wear masks before and after instruction. Students are still required to wear masks at all times, and should frequently sanitize their hands. Eating and drinking are prohibited during classes.

III.       Mask-wearing is required for sports courses. However, mask-wearing is optional during sports if all participants have no respiratory symptoms and social distancing can be maintained. All participants must still carry a mask with them and wear masks when they are not playing any sports, or if social distancing cannot be maintained.

IV.      All instructors and students should abide by the following measures:

1.         Contact Tracing: Attendance should be taken in all classes and a record of attendance should be kept. Please scan the Classroom QR Code before entering classrooms.

2.         All participants should have fixed seating; if fixed seating is not feasible, please take pictures of the seating arrangements for contact tracing.

3.         Classrooms should be well ventilated and sanitized regularly. All equipment used for classes should be properly sanitized.  

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