Instructions for Faculty Grading System

<Regulations related to grades

"School Regulations
Articles 36-42(Undergraduate Programs)、Articles 69-75(Master’s and PhD Programs)、Articles 97-103(Continuing Education Master's Programs)

Student Grading Guidelines"
(Revised at 2017.04.26)

"Regulations of Submitting and Changing Grades by the Facualty"(Abolished at 2017.04.26)



<Forms related to grades

"Postponement of Grade Submission for Current Semester Application Form"
(do not use authorization seals on the form)

"Grade Correction Application Form"
(do not use authorization seals on the form)


<Online Grading:

(Please login to NTNU i-Portal, then submit grades on the Academic Information Systems for the Faculty Members of various academic programs)


Submitting grades to relevant divisions:

1.    Please submit undergraduate grades to the "Division of Registry".

2.    Postgraduate (including master of continuing education program) grades are to be submitted to the "Division of Graduate Studies".

3.    Grades from various departments and graduate institutes of Gongguan campus are to be submitted to the "Joint Services Office of Gongguan Campus".

<User Guide for Online Grading:

General Degree Program

Continuing Education Program and EMBA

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