Undergraduate Students

Log on to the
"Graduate Student Service and Information Portal" to apply for leaving the school
   1.The portal is open starting on June 8, 2020(Mon), after August, log into the system by using your student number and national ID number
   2.After completing graduation procedures, authorization for the use of certain university systems will be shut down

Please ensure the following graduation procedures have been completed

   1.Return the graduation gown.
           2.Return all library books and settle all fines.
           3.Pay off all tuition and miscellaneous fees.  
   4.Ensure that all grades have all been submitted.
           5.Complete course surveys.
           6.Complete the alumni information form.
             7.Overseas Chinese and international students should complete information in the international student database.    

 1.Collection time: Starting on June 15, 2020( Mon.) (7/17、7/24、8/7、8/14、8/21、8/28 no service)
2.Service hours : Mon.~Fri. 8:30~12:00、13:30~17:00 
         3.Collection location: According to your campus of study, from either the Division of Registry on the main campus or Joint Services Office on  the Gongguan Campus.
         4.If due to special circumstance, another person is authorized to collect on your behalf, please complete the "Authorization Form for Departing from School".
         5.If a student has lost his/her ID card, please complete the "Affidavit for Losing the Student ID Card.
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