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Continuing Education Program Students / course withdrawal

Sumer Semester, 2020 
Application Date: Jul. 20, 2020~ Jul. 31, 2020

Fall Semester, 2020 
Application Date: Oct. 26, 2020~ Dec 04, 2020


(1) Login to the NTNU information intergrated system/Academic Affairs Related system/ Academic Affairs system and complete the table, then print application form .請至校務行政入口網/教務資訊系統(學生版)/選課相關/歷次課程停修申請填表並列印停修申請表

(2) Application form shall be signed by course instructor and chair of department / program, student who apply more than 3 credits shall be approved by mentor.授課老師系(所)主管簽章(如停修總學分超過3學分,需另請導師簽章)。

           (3) Submit application form to the Department’s staff or secretary before deadline.申請表送回所屬系所,轉交教

17_a3547bcd.gif 【System guide】  
17_a3547bcd.gif National Taiwan Normal University Regulations for Students Course Withdrawal Application】(vision 2018.04.25)  
17_a3547bcd.gif 【Application procedure for course withdrawal】  
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