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Undergraduate and Graduate Students / Course Withdrawal

Fall Semester, 2020 
Application Date: Oct. 26, 2020~ Dec 04, 2020
Spring Semester, 2021 
Application Date: Apr. 07, 2021~ May 14, 2021

►The "Life Skills" course withdrawal should be finished since the workday after the first dayof class to the last workday befor the last day of class.


(1) Login to the NTNU information intergrated system/Academic Affairs Related system/ Academic Affairs system and complete the table, submit your application form online.請至校務行政入口網/教務資訊系統(學生版)/選課相關/歷次課程停修申請」線上送出停修申請

(2) Application form shall be signed by course instructor and chair of department / program online, student who apply more than 3 credits shall be approved by mentor.授課老師系(所)主管線上簽核(如停修總學分超過3學分,需另請導師簽章)。

17_a3547bcd.gif 【System guide】  
17_a3547bcd.gif National Taiwan Normal University Regulations for Students Course Withdrawal Applicationvision 2018.04.25  

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