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NTU System intercollegiate course selection will be available in the 2nd stage of course selection.

After three NTU System universities have announced their courses for the upcoming semester and completed data exchange in universities’ course systems, students will be able to add the NTU System courses via NTNU Course Selection System in the following stage of course selection. For fall semester 2022, the list of NTU System courses open for intercollegiate course selection will be announced in the Course Selection System after the 1st stage and students will be able to add NTU System courses in the 2nd stage. Please follow closely for our latest announcements in the Office of Academic Affairs website.

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NTU System Course Selection (The information of this page is NOT applicable for summer session courses, please refer to Summer Session page for details.)
    4_9810594f.gifEligibility: NTNU Full-Time Students(*NTU and NTUST students should apply to their schools according to their schools’ regulations and procedures.)
    4_9810594f.gifCourse Selection: NTNU students may register the courses provided by NTU and NTUST during the designated period in the Intercollegiate Course Selection section of the NTNU Course Selection System. 
    *Preliminary course selection (including stage 1, stage 2 and new students):
      (1) Placement in regular courses will be based on computer-randomized numbers.
      (2) Placement in general education courses offered by System schools will be done via computer-randomized numbers, and is also the same as the general education courses placement principles of NTNU.
      <The general education courses refer to the courses that display a mark of “Gen.Edu.” in the Req./Sel. column of course information. In contrast, courses that don’t have a mark of “Gen.Edu.” are regarded as elective courses and are not recognized as general education courses.>
    * All course selection during add/drop period is via instant online add/drop.
    * If you see the restrictions column of a course displays message of “not available for preliminary course selection” and “course fully add-on by the authorization code during the course add/drop period,” that means this course only accepts students with the authorization code to add. If you only see the message of “course fully add-on by the authorization code during the course add/drop period,” that means this course is available to add during the preliminary course selection period (including stage 1 and stage 2). However, an authorization code will be required for adding or dropping this course.
    4_9810594f.gifCourse Selection Period: Same as the period of NTNU course selection.
(1) 1st to 4th year undergraduate students and graduate students are exempt from fees. 
(2) Delayed graduation students are charged according to NTNU
Tuition and Miscellaneous Fee Standards.
    4_9810594f.gifImportant Notices:
    (1) The number of total intercollegiate course credits should not exceed one-third of the minimum graduation credit requirement of students’ major department in accordance with intercollegiate course selection regulations. In addition, students are limited to taking courses not offered by NTNU in the current semester.
    (2) Courses offered by the two schools that are not listed in the NTNU Course Selection System are not open for register. Students who wish to take those courses may enquire with the course instructors. Course instructors who are willing to open their course to those students are requested to follow procedures and apply to their school.
    (3) Students are limited to taking courses not offered by NTNU in the current semester. If students who qualify for minoring or double majoring in a System school cannot synchronize the title of their course in the System school with NTNU course titles, they may submit a student report form to the department of the System school they are minoring or double majoring in for accreditation. The Curriculum Office will assist with the course add-on at the end of the course add/drop period.
    (4) Students should note that the class time of period A to D at NTNU is different from NTU and NTUST, please refer to the class timetable of three schools here.
    (5) Teacher education program courses of all three NTU System schools are not open for intercollegiate course selection.
    4_9810594f.gifAuthorization Codes:
    (1) Students who take the courses offer by the NTU System schools shall apply to their instructors for those schools’ authorization codes. The issuance of authorization codes, the number of authorization codes, and the method of issuance are handled according to the rules set by the course instructors. After obtaining the authorization code, please check for the course in the Intercollegiate Course Selection section of the Course Selection System and enter the authorization code to add the course within the add/drop period. The code will be invalid after the deadline. Please note that authorization codes are non-transferable, and courses selected with authorization codes cannot be dropped.
    (2) Courses not listed on the course list provided by NTU System schools are not allowed to use authorization codes to add courses. If students obtain the authorization codes of those courses, please email the following information to tsubasa1024@ntnu.edu.tw: Authorization Codes, student ID number, department or graduate institute, name, the school issuing the authorization code, the department offering the course, course name, course code, class, name of the instructor and the class time. Or call (02) 7749-1186 for further assistance.
    (3) There is no authorization code for Category 1 and Category 3 courses offered by National Taiwan University (please check on the NTU Course Information System查詢). If students are unable to select a course because of full capacity, but the course instructor has agreed to increase the course quota and has already increased the quota for the System school according to the regulations of his or her school, the student may add the course via the NTNU Course Selection System. However, those unable to select the course because of not meeting course prerequisites should apply to unblock and add the course. To apply for it, students should provide an Unblock Course Request Form for NTU System Courses and other supporting materials (such as transcripts and course syllabuses), obtain the approval of the course instructor, and submit the documents to the Curriculum Office. Pending the availability of the course, the course will be manually added in order of the time the application is received.
    * If NTNU students wish to add NTU System Courses with authorization codes, only the methods mentioned above are applicable, and students should add the courses two weeks after the beginning of the semester. Please note that the application for NTU Instructor’s Approval of Adding Courses in the third week of semester is not applicable to NTNU students.
    4_9810594f.gifCourses and Course Selection Lists Exchange:
    The lists of courses and course selection of the three schools are asynchronous, and the list exchange usually conducts in a fixed time period. After the lists are exchanged, the NTU and NTUST instructors will receive a student list of each course. Furthermore, the learning platforms such as Moodle, Ceiba, and NTU COOL will be available to students after list exchanged and system upgraded. For example, if classes start on 2/17, the course lists exchange on 2/20, the courses that students add between 2/17 and 2/19 will allow instructors to see student lists on 2/21, and the students should be able to use Moodle on the same date. *The actual time frame should base on the time schedule of each school.
    4_9810594f.gifNTU COOL and NTUST Moodle Account Activation:
    While complete the course list exchange in the course selection platform, the course you registered will be activated in NTU Ceiba, NTU COOL or NTUST Moodle automatically. Furthermore, the system will send your login account to your NTNU webmail box (student ID number@ntnu.edu.tw, not the gapps mail box). Please wait patiently for one to two days after the date of course list exchange. If you fail to log in to any one of the platforms as mentioned above, please contact the Curriculum Office by email (tsubasa1024@ntnu.edu.tw), or call (02)7749-1186 for further assistance.
    4_9810594f.gifCourse Withdrawal:
    Students who plan to withdraw from courses should complete the application process and submit their application form before the deadline of course withdrawal application. Please refer to Course Withdrawal page for more information about application.。\

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