Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorMs. Yu-Ying Cheng02-77341112EmailOverseeing all Division of Curriculum affairs
CoordinatorMr. Shang-Pu Chien02-77341109Email1.Curriculum system management and coordination
2.Overseas Chinese student exam marking-related affairs
Senior StaffMs.Shu-Ying Chang02-77341115Email1.Summer school-related affairs
Senior ClerkMs. Si-Qi Xie02-77341181Email1.Course syllabus system management
2.Inter-university course registration (NTU system course registration)
Senior StaffMs Ke-Shin Huang02-77341182Email1.Course Committee-related affairs
2.Courses taught in English and office hours
3.Exam scheduling and class suspension notifications
4.Fine art exams
5.Course structure system planning
Senior StaffMr. Ming-Yen Chou02-77341180Email1.Course selection system settings, allocation, and verification
2.Credit-based program related affairs
3.Advanced Subjects Test
4.Division of Curriculum website management
Senior StaffMs. Tze-Yin Liang02-77341108Email1.Course organization, course selection statistics reports
2.Professor leave and attendance management
3.List of remedial classes, course selection with too many or too few credits
4.Classroom management
Senior StaffYu-Ting Chen02-77341186Email1.Department of Industrial Education
/Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development/Department of Mechatronic Engineering /Department of Electrical Engineering
2.All statistical tables (including a roster of current students)
3.Academic system management (assist with academic status data verification and consolidation)
ClerkMs. Chin-Ying Liao02-77341183Email1.Manage the Division of Curriculum's electronic document registration desk log-ins, sending and receiving documents
2.Handle any unplanned assignments
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  • 成績等第制
  • 畢業
  • 教務法規
  • 各項會議
  • 系所調整
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