Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorLiu, Yeu-Ting 02-77341086、02-77341788EmailOverall Operations of the Division of Graduate Studies
CoordinatorTseng, I-Wen02-77341101Email1.Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling/ Department of Adult and Continuing Education/ Department of Health Promotion and Health Education/ Department of Physical Education/ Graduate Institute of Electro-optical Science and Technology/ Department of Chinese as a Second Language

2.Grade management (include data capturing, digitalization of past files, and section planning)
3.Continuing education courses entrance exam-related affairs
4.Integrated services
5.Academic system management (assist with academic status data verification and consolidation)
6.Foreign language proficiency exam-related affairs
Senior ClerkWang, Li-Chi02-77341099Email1.Department of Human Development and Family Studies/ Department of Civic Education and Leadership/ Department of Special Education/ Graduate Institute of Rehabilitation Counseling/ Graduate Institute of Information and Computer Education/ Department of Life Science/ /TIGP Biodiversity Program/ Graduate Institute of Environmental Education/ Graduate Institute of Political Science/ Graduate Institute of Social Work/

2.Master's program admission exams
3.Doctoral's program admission exams
4.Affairs related to state-financed students
Senior ClerkChen, Shu-Fang02-77341082Email1.Graduate Institute of Management/ Graduate Institute of Global Business and Strategy/ EMBA/ GF-EMBA/ NTNU-USC DIMBA/ Department of Fine Arts/ Department of Design/ Graduate Institute of Art History/ Continuing Education Program of Creativity Development/ Graduate Institute of International Human Resource Development/ Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism

2.Credit transfer-related affairs
3.Lifelong learning hours
4.Managing part-time student assistants
5.Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees, Budgeting for continuing education courses
Senior ClerkLin, Chia-Hui02-77341106Email1.Graduate Institute of Library and Information Studies/ Department of English/ Department of History/ Department of Geography/ Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation/ Department of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature/ Graduate Institute of Taiwan History/ Department of Mathematics/ Institute of Mass Communication

2.Filing documents and keeping track of statistics related to the suspension/resumption of study, and withdrawing from school
3.Student ID card-related affairs
Senior ClerkHuang, Chia-Hsiu02-77341097Email1.Department of Education/ Graduate Institute of Educational Policy and Administration/ Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction/ Department of Chinese/ Graduate Institute of Sport, Leisure, Hospitality Management/ Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology/ Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture

2.New Student Arrival
3.Affairs related to programs with direct advancement to Ph.D. programs
4.Draft student registration notices
Senior ClerkLin, Ching-Lung02-77341085Email1.Department of Industrial Education/
Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development/ Department of Graphic Arts and Communications/ Department of Mechatronic Engineering/ Department of Electrical Engineering/ Department of Music/ Graduate Institute of Performing Arts/ Graduate Institute of Popular Music/ Department of East Asian Studies

2.Graduation procedures
3.Asset management and general affairs
4.Joint dual-degree related affairs
Senior Staff Email 
Project StaffKao, Shih-Ting02-77341083Email1.Degree programs taught in English
2.Institute transfer related affairs
3.Credit-based program related affairs
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