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Student Credit Transfer Guidelines

Article 1

The Guideline was established in accordance with Article 6 of the NTNU University Regulations.

Article 2

Application timeframe

Application for credit transfer opens one week before the start of each semester and closes one week after semester start, application will not be accepted after the deadline, but this does not apply to the application schedule of graduating students.

Article 3

Credit transfer eligibility

Following students may apply for credit transfer:

1.         Transfer students, or students re-taking the examination or re-applying for enrollment.

2.         The student's overall grades are at 70% or above and not included in the graduating credits during the undergraduate or Masters program study period, and in the study of postgraduate courses, with documents of proof.

3.         Students who have completed preliminary credit studies in line with relevant regulations before passing the University Entrance Examination.

4.         Students eligible to participate in teacher education programs (specialized education program credit transfer).

Article 4

Credit transfer restrictions

Credit transfer is restricted to completed credits obtained within ten years before the enrolled academic year.

Undergraduate students may not transfer more than fifty credits (excluding specialized education courses).

For first year new students whose total number of credit transfer exceed 40 credits in the current semester of enrollment (excluding specialized education courses), they may advance their year of study by one year.

Postgraduate students are restricted to two thirds of credit transfer out of the total number of graduating credits as set out by their respective colleges/departments. Education program course credit transfer is restricted to one half of the graduating credits according to the credit transfer regulations, but if regulations of certain colleges/departments are more stringent, those regulations shall apply.

More stringent regulations of colleges (departments) and the Office of Teacher Education and Career Services will be applicable during the review and approval of credit transfer subjects and year restrictions.

Article 5

Transfer of Education Credits

The applicability of specialized education program credit transfer referred to in Paragraph 4 of Article 3 of the Guidelines will be in accordance to the regulations of the Office of Teacher Education and Career Services.

Article 6

Recognition Regulations

Recognition and regulations regarding credit transfer:

1.         Subjects with identical or similar names or content may be used for credit transfer, their similarity is to be confirmed by the director of the college (department) academic program (credit), and relevant departments. In special circumstances, similarity between colleges (departments), academic (credit-based) programs shall be determined through examination. If only one semester was passed out of the entire academic year, credit transfer is subject to approval by the college (department) of study.

2.         Subjects which were already passed at NTNU cannot be used for credit transfer.

3.         After the credit transfer, the number of credits obtained for each semester must not fall below the requirements stipulated in the university regulations. 

4.         If fewer credits are required for the credit transfer, the recorded figure will be of the lesser figure. If more credits are required for the credit transfer, the relevant college or undergraduate program will verify and attach a note; credit transfers are not available for postgraduate programs.

5.         Physical education credits may not be transferred. Unless a passing score has already been obtained for physical education at the previous school before transferring into the second year of study in an undergraduate program of NTNU, then the student will be exempted from physical education courses for a maximum of 2 semesters.

6.         Students who have attended (completed) a five-year junior college shall not be allowed to transfer the credits for the courses taken in the first three years at the junior college.

7.         7. Students who have studied at other foreign universities or colleges recognized by the Ministry of Education, credit transfer will be deliberated according to the terms of relevant regulations.

Article 7

These regulations are approved during the Academic Affairs Meeting and registered with the Ministry of Education before enforcement. Any future amendments will follow the same procedure.

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