Registry Division

Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
DirectorLIN, Chia-Erh02-77491105EmailOverall Operations of the Division of Undergraduate Studies
CoordinatorCHANG, Shu-Chen02-77491084Email1.Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling/Department of Adult and Continuing Education/Department of East Asian Studies
2.Grade management (include data capturing, digitalization of past files, and section planning)
3.Integrated services
Senior ClerkTSENG, Ping-Fang02-77491096EmailThe staff will be written asap.
Please call the switchboard staff(#1077) to Q/A.

1.Department of Education/Department of Civic Education and Leadership/Department of Special Education
2.Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees
3.Affairs related to state-financed students
Senior ClerkCHEN, Shang-Chun02-77491104Email1.Professor teaching hour-related affairs
2.Affairs related to the professor recruitment, part-time lectures, and reducing the number of teaching hours
3.Non-credit and part-time study for community members
4.Withdrawing from studies during the school term
Senior ClerkChia-Hsiu, Huang02-77491081Email1.Department of History/Department of Geography/Department of Music
2.4.Mailing report cards for non-credit/part-time students
3.Asset management and general affairs
Senior StaffCHEN, Yi-Hsuan02-77491102Email1.Department of Health Promotion and Health/Department of Human Development and Family Studies/Department of Fine Arts/Department of Design
2.Graduation procedures
3.Foreign language proficiency exam-related affairs
Senior StaffCHEN, Yu-Shiun02-77491100Email1.Department of Chinese/Department of Life Science
2.Credit transfer-related affairs
3.Management of students with non-formal status
Senior StaffLIAO, Bao-Yue02-77491098Email1.Department of Graphic Arts and Communications/Department of Applied Chinese Language and Culture/Department of Physical Education/Department of Business Administration
2.Student ID card-related affairs
3.Major transfer, declaring a minor, and taking double major
4.Filing documents and keeping track of statistics related to the suspension/resumption of study, and withdrawing from school
Senior ClerkJia Yu Cheng02-77491103Email1.Department of English/Department of Chinese as a Second Language/Department of Mathematics
2.New Student Arrival
3. Draft student registration notices
4. The students' midterm warning
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