Office of Vice President of AA

Job titleNamePhoneE-mailResponsibilities
Vice PresidentDr. Meihui LIU02-77491089Email1.Overall management of university academic affairs and admissions
2.Planning of Office of Academic Affairs duties and task supervision
Associate Vice PresidentDr. Tzu-Bin LIN02-77491884EmailProviding assistance to the Dean of Academic Affairs in managing office operations
Associate Vice PresidentDr. Yeu-Ting Liu02-77491126EmailProviding assistance to the Dean of Academic Affairs in managing office operations
SecretaryMs. Kuei-Ju Chen02-77491090Email1.Overall document review (approval) of all official documents from all divisions of the Office of Academic Affairs
2.Guidance and planning of joint services operations of the Office of Academic Affairs
3.Overall internal and external communications and liaison
4.Handle matters assigned by superiors
博士後研究員Mr. Hongming Liaw02-77491094Email1.Project implementation and analyses
2.Student learning data research and analyses
CoordinatorMs. Chia-Jung Wu02-77491091Email1.Consolidate all meeting information
2.Organize all academic affairs meeting-related duties
3.Consolidate top university project information for the Office of Academic Affairs
4.Material fee allocation for undergraduate programs
5.Handle responsibilities related to Office of Academic Affairs personnel recruitment
6.Contact various NTNU admission propositions
7.Handle operations of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society
8.Manage the Instant Processing System and the Office of Academic Affairs Suggestions Box
9.Handle any unplanned assignments
CoordinatorMs. Hui-Wen Huang02-77491092EmailAll university admission exams and the management of examination fees
ClerkMs. Chang Li Hua02-77491093Email1.Manage the Office of Academic Affairs' electronic document registration desk log-ins, sending and receiving documents
2.Record all Office of Academic Affairs meeting schedules and perform relevant contact duties
3.Handle any unplanned assignments
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